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Angel Inspiration Cards - Purple Blue


Place face down into a shallow bowl and select a card daily, weekly or as desired. Drawing the blank card means look within to discover your word.

Each package contains 52 individual cards made from 300 gsm textured watercolour paper; designed and hand-painted in Melbourne.

Sample words: Love, Abundance, Fun, Purpose, Enthusiasm, Courage, Power, Integrity, Truth, Humour, Surrender, Adventure, Transformation, Education, Forgiveness.                                           

Keep them in a bowl by the front door, on the coffee table or in a little nook!

The Angel Inspirations are given to you to assist you on your journey of Life.

Each one has a special meaning for your Heart, Mind and Soul.

Reflect on these words daily or at a chosen time in Meditation.

Angel Inspirations come packaged in a simple cello bag and fit into a standard envelope. If you'd like them tied up with string bow, please leave a comment! 

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