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Elizabeth Vercoe is a Melbourne based, acclaimed author and artist who derives great joy from getting creative ideas out of her head and onto a canvas or blank page.

With an MA in Creative Writing, she has authored books, book chapters, journal articles and essays. Her artwork can be found in private and corporate collections in Australia and in the US, UK, China and Europe. Liz's wider arts practice includes a back-catalogue of play manuscripts, visual and writing workshops, guest presentations and creative collaborations.

Lately Liz has been placing words and symbols into her inspirational artworks, believing that they offer an extra dynamic, energetic layeror ‘something’ to the finished pieces. Uplifting ideas such as gratitude, prosperity, resilience, joy and soul peace are written onto the blank canvas and then painted over – hidden under layers of paint to not be seen at all! The beautiful fengshui symbol for double happiness also features heavily and is apparently quite auspicious in bedrooms!

Liz’s writing explores the themes of resilience, healing, curiosity, fun and self-empowerment. ‘Keep Your Hair On’ is a book about cancer for teenagers and visits the ideas of friendship, love, family and secrets. ‘The Grief Book, strategies for young people’ was awarded Honour book listing with the CBCA. Dr Ian Gawler and Dr Michael Carr-Gregg have each graciously written forwards for these works. Her most recent publication is Mac the Dog Man, a children’s picture book inspired by real-life dog whisperer Mac. Hot off the presses! Do have a squiz.


Artist statement
“I have been given many gifts in this lifetime including the proverbial pot of gold – a second chance at life.
My artworks are the embodiment of all that comes with this: Hope, Joy, Discovery, Courage, Gratitude, Urgency…. My paintings emerge from a desire to capture the sparkle – Life essence or Light – which is inherent in all life. And to bring a smileto someone’s face. Or to illustrate a children’s book. Or just because.
To pick up a paintbrush is to take a journey.  The excitement is palpable and I love the delicious anticipation of standing in front of a blank page or canvas… The explosions of colour and the freedom of creation.  Messy globules of paint ricocheting across the paper. A moment somewhere. Space and time collide. Colour and light merge.
Painting sustains and nourishes me… it’s a gentle reminder to Live in Each Moment.”