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Recent worldwide events have transformed life in so many ways that I'm happy to offer you a gift to indulge yourself with an original artwork.

It can be hard to purchase art because it's not a necessity in the same way that loo paper or Tim Tams are. Buying a painting can sometimes feel a little bit extravagant or something. 

But it shouldn't, because it's not!

Having an original painting on your wall changes your space. Seriously. It's nothing like a print or a poster. A painting radiates energy - it's almost like sitting down to have a cuppa with the artist.

You can wander inside a painting or a brush stroke or a moment in a very particular way. It's a meditation. The walls at our place have a fabulous vibe coz they're covered in other people's art.

So, if you've never taken the plunge into art ownership, why not give it a shot!  Of course, it doesn't have to be a piece of mine, but I'd definitely encourage you to wander the world of original, local art and find something that resonates.

The other wonderful thing is that when you buy an artwork from an artist, their families get to eat again.

Eating and smiles = a special kind of awesome.


Tempted but not quite sure?

Do you love a painting but wonder how it might look on your wall?

I’m excited to offer the opportunity to see an artwork on your wall, without you having to leave home!

Just send an image of your wall or living space, onto which I’ll put your favourite painting and send it back! This way, you’ll have a realistic sense of how an artwork will look in your room and how the colours work with your particular decor. 

Australia-wide free delivery. For international delivery please send a query re postage. 

Thankyou! x