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A Card Collection LARGE Tracks


The LARGE Tracks Collection is made up of three Australian native old-faves, turned into new cards. Each is 11 x 16.5cm and printed onto gorgeous 100% recycled silk-finish cardboard. Envelopes supplied.

Both the Yellow Bellied Glider and Sooty Owl are on Australia's critically endangered list. The Wombat in its many varieties is an incredible survivor, but also needs assistance to preserve habitat and ensure longevity. Although each of these specimens is capable of keeping us up at night (!), it's a gift to be able to also celebrate their unique charm and character in watercolour paint.

They are shipped to you a la naturale (without individual cello packaging). Gift wrapping available at no charge, it's my pleasure.  

Painted and Printed in Melbourne, Australia.

LARGE Tracks Collection: 

Yellow Bellied Glider

Sooty Owl

Naughty Magda the Wombat

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