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Painting (large) - Song Of The Daisies


Acrylic on gallery-wrap canvas. Stretched and ready to hang. Signed on the front.

152.4cm (W) x 121.9cm (H) x 3.83cm (D)

If you haven't walked by a paddock full of daisies dancing in the wind and stopped to listen to their delightful and cheery song, you haven't quite lived! Even when we call them weeds, they still sing out as we rush past.

This artwork brings me back to my constant love of warm smiling daisies and rich, textured gold. To my mind, there's not much that is sweeter. 

This painting is layered over an undercoat of glossy black and Indian red, onto which I have painted the word JOY to bring extra sparkle and joy to any room. This underpinned word remains hidden but always there, offering a deliberate and secret resonance to the finished work. 

The piece has been created using woodblock and brushwork. Warm white splashes are brushed onto a textured golden background, which in turn sits on a variety of darker colours from warm Indian red to Storm blue. The whole is then covered with woodblock smears of colour, which randomly settle and seem to move the image slightly, giving the piece its 'antique' feel within a limited colour palette. 

Song of the Daisies delights with its sense of gentle movement and radiance, with an easy colour combination bringing freshness and clarity. The inspiration for this piece is simply happiness - the type that's found when you smile back at daisies on a hillside. 

This original artwork will be delivered to your door free of charge within Australia, or for a small fee internationally. 


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