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Paintings mix & match collection

Paintings mix & match collection

Hello lovelies.

Very happy to share with you (finally!) some mix & match artworks which I love making. Currently, Melbourne's winter sun is motivating me to catch moments with wee flowers and dappled light. I highly recommend sticking your face outside (wherever you are) and breathing in!

Fingers crossed I've just popped a new collection up on my site here. Any probs please let me know!! thankyou x These pieces are tall and skinny, so hang in tricky spots beside windows and in between doors and things. They're always my 'go-to' size canvases - have been making them for over a decade - and they bring fresh inspirations every time.  

What I really love is that they're small and compact enough to cluster with dramatic effect in your own space. People often put three or more together (I like odd numbers best, don't know why!) to create a feature wall and the beauty of them is, they can be rearranged easily to create a whole new feel when you need a change.

I hope they resonate with you. Please visit my website to have a squiz through current paintings - I'm on a mission to pop more up over the coming weeks!

Please feel welcome to leave comments too. Thankyou x


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