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"Turn your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow." The inspirational Helen Keller has it all going on in this quote! For me, it's a reminder that there's light, even in darkness.

This recent artwork 'Windsong' is a reminder to seek out the light and to bend with the wind.

The background was put down several months ago but then life took over and I forgot about it for a while. When I looked again recently, I was struck by the sense of movement in the blues and greens of the background - the happy result of using a little water with acrylic paint and allowing colour to 'move' itself on the canvas.

As I asked 'what does the painting want', ideas of how to merge a foreground image onto the background formed on the canvas. I painted them on, and this is the result!

I hope it brings a momentary sense of light and illumination as you scroll through this post!

May the songs of the wind move through you, too.

See more original art here.

'Windsong' is at Silvermist Studio in Healesville.

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