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Don't forget the hairdryer! Step by step painting in pics.

Don't forget the hairdryer! Step by step painting in pics.

Usually I’m too impatient to document my painting process but ‘Beloved Bend of Isles’ is an exception and I'm not sure why (!). Here are the step by step pics.

First a basic outline being careful to pencil in and take note of whites!

Watercolour’s a brilliant and fun creative medium because mostly it requires giving up ‘control’ to allow a painting to emerge. I did plan this painting a bit and also pretended to have control over the colour application and movement (with water).

add some darks and contrasts...

The view is one of my favourite places in the world. Looking down, from a high point on Catani Boulevard where we used to live, onto the Yarra River in the Bend of Isles Victoria.

Paint is applied light to dark, leaving white paper where detail will later be added. Water is used liberally, along with pigment. One of the hardest things is to wait between each paint application for it to dry completely. That's where the hair dryer comes in.  

 Almost there...

And voila!

I think it was Gaugin who said "a painting is never finished, it just stops in interesting places..."

Thanks for reading!

Would love to hear any creative tips. X

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  • Judy Racz on

    Good fun. I take progress photos when I paint, too. Sometimes I wish I stopped earlier. Do you?

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