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it's MISTER Mac to you!

it's MISTER Mac to you!

I wanted to share a quick new story, told to me last week by Mac the Dog Man. It happened on the Monday after our Sunday afternoon book launch on the banks of the Yarra at Warrandyte. Here's Mac (yellow hat of course) signing books for the fan club!

the fan club - Mac signing autographs at the book launch

On Monday morning Mac and his dogs were strolling in their usual fashion along the river path, when they met a group of four boys walking to school.

The boys nudged each other, stopped walking and then... BOWED to Mac!

Not only that, they did the whole sing-song primary school morning thing in unison, and said 'Good MORNing Mister Mac!"

It made his day I think!

It definitely made MY day to hear about it.

Keeping the happy theme going, here are some people listening to tales of Mac the dog man.

happy people...

I'd like to thank everyone who has left feeback and anecdotes for Mac the Dog Man, and to share some with you here. I LOVE receiving these little morsels - they are brilliant, thankyou SO much.

"I read your story to my class today and they loved it... joining in by the end."

Val, prep teacher.

"I think Mac the dog man will become one of our favourites. Thankyou for such a lovely Warrandyte story."

Carmel, kinder teacher.

And here's a very spesh picture of Gab, at the part in the story where Dr Ta Moko does her very special business!


Gab reading the story of Dr Ta Moko


I'm looking foward to a number of school and kindergarten visits over the coming months.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like to stock the book at your business, arrange fundraising or visits, or just have a chat. Whatevs! Do give me a tinkle.



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